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Cat If you have not decided on the choice of a pet you want to be a friend of yet we will try to convince you that Maine Coon is really a prime choice. At the Breed Standard page we talk about the ideal representative of the breed "Maine coon", principles of standardization and international systems of different breed evaluation. At the page HOW TO TAKE CARE ABOUT THE ADULT CAT you learn how to cut claws, to clean ears, to feed a domestic animal and much more. A KITTEN AT HOME also requires special attention. At FIRST AID page we have prepared lists of veterinary clinics and vet pharmacies in Moscow. You will a lso find information about the minimum required first-aid medicines for your pet on a page FIRST-AID KIT FOR CATS. In the entertainment area of our portal POEMS ABOUT CATS, LEGENDS AND MYTHS are presented. We hope that NAMES OF KITTENS page help you to choose a beautiful name for your pet. At the business part of the site we offer you a standard CONTRACT OF SALE OF A DOMESTIC ANIMAL IN RUSSIA, RULES OF EXPORT of animals abroad Russian Federation, and advices on transportation; How to make certificate to the exportation pet and an animals insurance policy. Our portal is a dynamic web site about pets. We gladly publish your interesting materials about Maine Coon and other species, including photo and video materials - free of charge! You can also add an announcement of the purchase - sale on our free message board of the elite and not just pets soon... Now have a look at
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